The Revolution Of Floral Bouquets

With so much happening around us each day most of us would have failed to realize that we have not seen a traditional bouquet in such a long time. Most probably because we have better things to worry about. But it is very much true that the traditional bouquet has become something of an extinct species. We rarely see the traditional bouquet of roses and lilies. We see more and more people using arrangements made of more wild and strange seasonal flora. They are incorporating even the home grown plants as well as wild plants and flowers into their arrangements. But is it really such a big deal?

Yes it is
Because these more modern and creative arrangements are not so formal like the brightly colored wedding bouquet in Singapore that we have had to suffer through the ages. Because these bouquets are more flexible and fluid and they tend to highlight the beauty of every individual element in the arrangement. Rather than the stringent style of having the stems of the flowers covered in thick foliage or tight mounds where you could sometimes hardly see the flowers. The modern day arrangements make sure that the natural beauty of the flower is maintained and also expressed in a way that was not done before.

A bridal bouquet is made to suit the venue of the wedding. For example if the wedding was being held atop a mountain then the bouquet would consist mostly of wild flowers hanging down, displaying their colors, delicate structure and fragrance. They show their connection to the place and the season. The blossoms are very much a natural to the place and easily blend in. and it’s not just the flowers, you will even get to see arrangements made purely from sheaths of wild grass and arching vines of clematis. Which make the arrangement all the more natural. And the best part about having such arrangements and them gaining so much of popularity. That they can even be grown at home.

Yes, they can be grown in your back yard. And as a result they are inexpensive. Making for reasonably priced bouquets that still have a lot of beauty in them. You don’t have to go for the expensive roses and lilies any more. Although these flowers have their own kind of beauty, and nobody is taking anything away from them. But the wild flowers and arrangements have that something extra that adds a difference and a beauty that we failed to recognize before. Making them the number one choice for the modern generation.