How To Reward Yourself After A Full Week Of Work?

We don’t know many people who don’t have hellish weeks at work. It might be the part of the month when work comes in the most, or the week the boss decided to treat everyone like dirt because of his personal issues. Either way, it’s the kind of week that makes you sigh in relief at its ending. Here are a few ways on how to reward yourself after a week like this.

Treat Yourself to a Full Meal
Without a doubt, a busy week means many skipped, forgotten or hurried meals. As a result, your body will be feeling the affect this ill treatment, as well as the effect the rough week has left behind. Refuel the proper way. Treat yourself to a full, sit down meal; preferably home cooked. Pack in all the nutrients that you might have missed throughout the week. Even chocolates and other cheat food should be allowed (only if you haven’t been filling up on them throughout the week!), as they are the food your mind craves.

Get Rid Of All the Tightness and the Knots
Regardless to whether you work with your physical strength or mental strength; if you’ve been slaving for a full week, no doubt your body might be protesting against the hours. Depending on the extent of your exhaustion, consider doing something about loosening the tightened muscles. A long relaxing bath with bath salts, oils or perfumed candles, a session with the foot massager in Singapore, or even a full session at the spa will do your body a whole lot of good.

Reward the Hard Work
Does the thought of having to get back to the work and the grind make your feel exhausted already? If you do, then perhaps it’s time you motivated yourself a little. And what better to do so, rather than to give yourself a reward for all its hard work and long hours? And the best part? You can choose your own reward. Online perfumes, a book you’ve been putting off buying, supplies for the craft time you so badly want to do but never allocate time for…you decide the best way to give yourself a “pat in the back”.

Put In an Early Night
Apart from missed meals, another common thing that usually comes with busy weeks; is missed sleep. Even if you hadn’t brought your work home, the lingering stress and the nagging voice at the back of your head reminding you of your tomorrow’s “to do list” will ensure that you don’t get sufficient or restful sleep. Catch up for these missed sleeps. Go to bed early until you have to get back to work…trust us, you’ll see the difference in both your body and mind!