Designing Models With Minimum Supports!

It is quite easy to model something using a software in your computer but it is not that easy to model something that can be printed using a machine. This is due to many reasons. Mainly, modeling is easy because you are designing it on a virtual space and there will not be any gravity. There are some software that you can introduce gravity to your virtual space but you will not need to support your components or characters in this virtual space. But when you try to make them or fabricate them in real life, there is gravity and it is difficult to deal with it some times. You have to add supports to your model just like you are creating scaffolding when building something in real world. This needs experience, however, software provides you some guidelines as well. If you are looking to save your material and have a good final finish by avoiding supports, you can follow these tips.

First, you should consider splitting your model in to several parts. This reduces total time required to finish a certain model and also, you will not need supports because these parts will be laying on the table. Since additive manufacturing is based on creating models layer by layer, you can manipulate and split different components and finally fabricate them to create a one final product.

Another way that you can reduce supports is by managing the center of gravity of your model. This is vital because all other parts of your model will depend on center of gravity. If you want to avoid and prevent overhang, try to place model’s center of gravity in an optimum position.

Reducing the amount of supports in your 3D print Singapore has many benefits too. For instance, your model will take less time and less money to be printed if it has a less amount of supports. Because producing supports require additional material as well as extra time. Also, it reduces the printing errors. When you make your model come to life in real world, it can have a lot of errors and if you have more supports you will eventually have more errors. A lesser amount of supports will also provide your model a smoother and a better surface finish.

Design something with a minimum number of supports require a good amount of experience. When or if you are going to hire a professional, looking at their previous projects is a good way to identify their potential. If they have used a small amount of supports with proper positioning, it is a sign that says they are well experienced.