Creating A Play Den For Your Little Ones

Nowadays, modern apartments leave little room for space to run around or to enjoy as children want to. In such cases you could be innovative and think of using spaces that are unconventional and not being put too much use. For instance, if you have a small balcony attached to your kitchen or a closet space that does not get used much, why not remove clutter from such a space and make a private den for your little ones?

How to start?
The first thing you need to do is to reduce or remove all clutter from such spaces. Most unused spaces in apartment become storage closets by default. However, when you take a closer look at the items that have piled up, you could easily get rid of such items that are seldom required.

Nowadays there are storage spaces for hire as well, which could be another solution to freeing up more space for a little enjoyment in your home. Once you have removed the clutter and cleaned up the space, if it is an open area such a balcony, you need to consider putting a screen on top of the railing to convert it into a covered area. After this you can start planning furniture in such a space like a relaxing bean bag in Singapore.

Make the space fun and inviting
While children have an active imagination which merely needs to be stoked, you might want to create a nice and warm corner for them, to read or play. This can be done by placing a corner bed or seat or a bean bag. It is a balcony space you could even consider outdoor furniture like a couch. Put colorful cushions to make the space inviting and even use a colorful rug to define the space further. You can then place the toys and books of your children around this space, using low floor shelves if there is enough space for that. If you are interested about outdoor furniture you can visit this website

The above ideas are some of the many ways you can decorate a corner of your apartment to make a play den for your little ones. Children love the concept of having a space of their own, even if they do have a room to themselves. However a separate space could act as a sit down area for the kids and their friends as well as for the adults when they want a quiet time. Many interior décor blogs and forums have innovative ideas to make use of different corners and spaces of small apartments as well.